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SAFe program for Project managers

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This is what you need to know about the SAFe Program Consultant ( SPC ) Training and Certification Course Intro to Agile The term agile is referred  to a project management methodology that is widely used across organizations.  The incremental approach where developmental work is done in weekly or monthly...

SAFe Program Consultant


SAFe Program Consultant Certification and Training Program in Hyderabad: SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) Certification is a four-day-long program that seeks to offer training and certification to the SAFe practitioners. Organized at Marriott Hyderabad, this training program is ideal for all the executives, managers, consultants, Lean-Agile Leaders, Agile change agents, internal...

SPC ( SAFe Program Consultant ) | Michael Stump

SPC (SAFe Program Consultant)


SPC (SAFe Program Consultant) Offical Training and Certification: SPC (SAFe Program Consultant) is a training event organized at the Aloft Bengaluru Cessna Business Park, which would take place from September 16, 2014 to September 19, 2014. Organized by the Innovation Roots, which is a global provider of  SAFe Program Consultant (SPC)™ Training and Certification class...