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Digital marketing summit 2015


Learn how the world is going digitally advanced The world is getting digital and many things that used to be hand written are now computerized or digitally done from the comfort of one’s seat. Mostly, everything seems to be available one click away and is easily accessible. In this age,...

Google and its Magic.

Learn the tricks of trade with Google AdWords


AdWords, analytics play crucial role in business promotion Succeeding on the web is not easy. Tips and tricks may help, but not always. You need to know how to get your business around the world using the world wide web. Startups and people from marketing backgrounds who are just looking...

Workshop on digital marketing

Workshop on Digital Marketing


One-day workshop on digital marketing at Hotel Suba International, Mumbai, on April 5, 2015 With the advent of mobile and internet in every hand, digital marketing has become one of the most important and integral part of present and future era. As per current research, digital marketing is a field of...