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MADathon 2015 in Chennai

A race to raise awareness, a race to run for good cause


Run like crazy at the MADathon 2015 in Chennai to make a difference One person can make a big difference. However, more than one person make bigger difference. We are talking about running events: running for good cause, running for charity, and running to raise awareness. Run for a good...

Little Hearts Marathon 2015 in Mumbai

Little Hearts Mumbai Marathon 2015


Run for good cause at the Little Hearts Marathon 2015 in Mumbai on February 8 “Saving Hearts Saving Lives” Join in the fundraising endeavour by running for a good cause at the Little Hearts Marathon 2015 in Mumbai for charity. Organized by Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital for Children (BJWHC) in...

MGO Marathon

MGO Marathon in Patiala


MGO Marathon in Patiala: Running is a passion that has takers from across the globe irrespective of the age of the person and it is among those few passions,which promotes the well being of the person. The MGO Runners, is one such group of enthusiastic marathon runners from across the sub-continent...