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9 most popular events to attend


At the beginning of each new year, you may have planned you might like to try doing things a little differently, but you never had a chance. This year you can try to set aside a few days for certain things that you might have thought completing it in the...


Challenges, solutions in organising big-ticket professional events


When organising a large scale event, many hindrances come in play. The challenges in professional events, especially where the event if highly focused on very academic subjects, a variety of problems pose a challenge to the event organisers and event planners. Things which seem trivial evolve to become huge problems....

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Upcoming professional events to attend in India


All professional events have one thing in common, i.e. networking. Irrespective of the duration of attending an professional event, they do network with others, share ideas, get trained on certain skill sets, learn new mechanisms in addressing different issues that arise on a daily basis, adapting oneself to new work...