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Upcoming Events in Hyderabad


NUCLEYA Live in Hyderabad – Rendezvous Date : Saturday, 4th – 5th Feb   Time : 08:00 PM to 1:00 AM About The Event #Hyderabad Nucleya is back again much bigger and better on 4th Feb at Rendezvous Hyderabad ! Musical journey of Nucleya started towards in 90’s when co-founded...

Nucleya and Aqueel live in Mumbai

Nucleya and Aqueel live in Mumbai at Allegria 2016


Bass Raja and Bollywood, this promises to be a ‘Molotov cocktail’ The man heading a new wave in Indian dance music, Nucleya the name on tip of everyone’s tongue will be playing live in Navi Mumbai at the Allegria 2016 college fest along with Aqueel on February 6,2016. The man...