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Bollywood new year resolutions

9 celebrity New Year resolutions we wish happened


We really hope Bollywood makes these resolutions stick this New Year Call it wishful thinking or an overly inflated sense of optimism. We are really hoping that Bollywood makes these New Year resolutions in 2016. Here is a list of our favourite celebs and what they should really be focussing...

new year

9 tips to avoid a hangover post the new year party


Banish the new year hangover with these handy tips The new year is all about the drinks and the games and the intimate dance sessions whenever the DJ gets your jam on. The night of the new year’s eve is definitely one of the best nights of the year, but...

new year, new year 2016

9 reasons why you should celebrate new year in Hyderabad


The approaching new year, will get people to start worrying about it sooner in order to plan the holiday, the new year’s eve or even celebrating it with distant friends and families living in different cities across India. Each city has it’s own charm and culture that blend into celebrations...

New year hygienic venue

9 hygiene steps to follow at a new year party


Don’t miss out on these make or break hygiene tips New year is one of the busiest seasons for the hospitality industry. There is a party organized almost every week and the footfall is off the charts. It’s a make or break time for any venue. We have a few...

New Year's Eve Party

9 New Year’s Eve: expectations vs reality


The new year’s eve is just a few days away and the same story of expectation vs reality that strikes people year after year is going to repeat itself as people spend a huge amount of time in planning the most perfect way to spend a new year’s eve. However,...