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9 tips to ease hangover after a new year party


We’re all prepared and have all the dos and don’ts in mind. The new year party has been planned and all the necessary precautions have been taken. You have memorized all the 9 ways how you could avoid suffering a hangover. But, Murphy’s Law comes into play, Anything that can...

Bollywood new year resolutions

9 celebrity New Year resolutions we wish happened


We really hope Bollywood makes these resolutions stick this New Year Call it wishful thinking or an overly inflated sense of optimism. We are really hoping that Bollywood makes these New Year resolutions in 2016. Here is a list of our favourite celebs and what they should really be focussing...

New Year 2017

9 best new year packages


Each year everyone who attends new year parties come home with a lot of complaints and issues they faced while getting in and out of the venue, food and beverage issues, transportation, valet parking, and a lot more. There is still time to chalk out the issues and plan your...