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Badshah Concert in Chennai

Punjabi Rap icon Badshah live in Chennai this October


#DJWaleyBabu aka #Badboyshah to perform live in Chennai this October For all the Rap fans from Chennai, here’s some good news. The popular rapper and Punjabi MC, Badshah, who produced hit numbers like Abhi Toh Party, Saturday, Saturday,  Proper Patola and DJ Waley Babu is coming to namma Chennai and...

Thermal Projekt EDM Duo in Chennai

EDM duoThermal Projekt to hit Chennai this September


The DJ Producer duo Thermal Projekt is bringing EDM and their unique Break and bounce style to Chennai this September. Shuvro Talukder and Anurag Sen, known to their fans as Thermal Projekt, the favorites of the Bangalore EDM scene are set to perform in namma Chennai. The event also features...