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Chitra Live Concert in Hyderabad

Musical Night with Chitra in Hyderabad


K.S. Chitra, or Chitra as she is fondly known in the southern film fraternity, is a blessed artist, whose voice has left several generations enchanted is all set to spell her magic in the city of pearls.The beautiful damsel from the god’s own country, has an enchanting voice, which would...

Jhankar 2014 Hyderabad

Jhankar 2014 Hyderabad with Roop Kumar and Sunali


Jhankar 2014 Hyderabad: We all enjoy music invariable of our age, caste, creed or race, and it is one healer that can cure all ailments. However, now you can enjoy music for a cause as the Sangitanjali is now organizing a charity music concert for the cause of the autism...