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Rang Barse Pune

Holi in Pune: Rang Barse 2016


Rang Barse 2016 Holi bash in Pune: One of the major festivals of India, Holi is celebrated with enthusiasm and gaiety on the full moon day in the month of Phalgun which is the month of March as per the Gregorian calendar. Holi festival may be celebrated with various names...


Holi in Mumbai:Holi Invasion with DJ CHETAS


The best of DJs will weave your musical trip on Holi The best parties for Holi are lined up and are getting open for public. The early bird tickets for all the best party in Mumbai are out for sale now. HOLI INVASION with DJ CHETAS will be held on...

Holi Party in Bangalore

Holi Celebration 2016 with Rain Dance in Bangalore


Balam Pichkari – Holi Celebration 2016 with Rain Dance: It’s that time of the year when the hues of rainbow fills the streets as everyone is in a gala mood and is splashing colors on their friends. Reveling in the spirit of Holi people might be busy skimming through the...

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Festival of colors with music in Mumbai


United Colors  Festivals and ceremonies, these days have a difference in celebration when compared to the days back in the 90’s. Festivals had more of a personal and private connection with each individual and the celebration used to be within closed doors mostly. With the change in generation, there is...

Colours The Sensational Holi Festival in Bengaluru


Colours The Sensational Holi Festival at E-Zone club, Bangalore: It’s that time of the year when you get bombarded with the cliched bura na mano holi hai everywhere starting from the Whatsapp forwards to the boring celebrations in your county. Well we have all grown up awaiting the day we...

Holi Pool party

The Biggest Holi Pool Party in Bengaluru


Celebrate Holi  at Connect: Colour, Masti, and Madness Holi is just round the corner and Bangalore is the place to be. The wildest pool party is happening and this is your chance to get in on the action. The ‘Connect’ party is happening on 24, March 2016 at Aqua the...

Holi Redefined 2015 Pune Indias Biggest Electronic Dance Music Holi

Holi Redefined Pune 2015


Holi Redefined Pune 2015 will be India’s Biggest Electronic Dance Music Celebration of Holi If you are looking for one of the biggest Holi party events in Pune, then celebrate the festival of colors with Metamorf 11 Events this year and Rang De Holi to your loved ones in style....




HOLILICIOUS 2015 Holi Party at Residency Club Pune: HoliLicious 2015 at Residency Club in Pune is the Holi bash to be at if you seek unlimited Desi fun this Holi. Be there at the Residency Club on March 6, 2015 with your Pichkaris, colors and friends to experience the best...

7 Best Bollywood Holi Songs


Songs, music, and dance are an integral part of Holi celebration in India and speaking of songs and music how can one forget the immense contribution of Bollywood and the peppy Holi numbers it has given to us. Bollywood has typically portrayed the mood of Holi from time to time...