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Dress-Up Tips for you on How to look fabulous on Holi Festival

Best Dress-Up Tips for Holi


How to look fabulous on Holi? Have a look on our top Dress-Up Tips for Holi Festival Holi, the festival of colors will soak you with various hues of happiness and contentment. Are you heading off to any Holi event in your town, then you need to spruce up, fabulously....

THE HOLi Carnival SPLASHOUT 2015 in Bengaluru

The Holi Carnival Splashout 2015 in Bengaluru


Be at The Holi Carnival Splashout 2015 in Bengaluru on March 6 at Mahaveer Dharmasala Greetings to the most happiest and biggest festival of India in Bengaluru. Holi, the festival of hues that celebrates the approaching of spring, is certainly the best season of the year. MWings Entertainment presents the...

Tips for Holi 2015 Entertainment Activities

Tips for Holi Entertainment Activities


Creative Holi 2015 Entertainment Activities and Games to Make this festival, unforgettable for patrons The festival of colors and the Holi events are awaited throughout the year. Chiliad of people come together, dressed in white to soak sundry color of joy, happiness and merriment and to enjoy the festival with...