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Tips for Hair Care on Holi Festival

Hair Care Tips for Holi Festival


Protect your hair from harmful colors and celebrate Holi better with our Hair care Tips for Holi Festival It’s time to get ready with taking special care of your skin and hair, because the Holi festival has rolled around once again. The festival, when you go to cool parties with...

Tips for Holi 2015 Entertainment Activities

Tips for Holi Entertainment Activities


Creative Holi 2015 Entertainment Activities and Games to Make this festival, unforgettable for patrons The festival of colors and the Holi events are awaited throughout the year. Chiliad of people come together, dressed in white to soak sundry color of joy, happiness and merriment and to enjoy the festival with...

Holi Organic Colors

DIY Tips for Preparing Organic Holi Colors


Here are 9 DIY Tips  that would help you prepare Organic Holi Colors: Running around in a large field throwing colours at my friends is the first glimpse that comes to my mind the minute someone utters the word “Holi.” But, things have changed and now in the cloister of apartments...

Colors Holi Bash 2015


Colors Holi Bash 2015 at Keys Hotel Bangalore: Let the colors of joy and happiness fill your life as the season of spring sets in and brings unbound joy. The deep meaning of Holi and the origin of the festival is connected to different Indian legends and has numerous symbolic...