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Goa Gil in Mumbai

Goa Gil in Mumbai at BlueFrog


Godfather of Psytrance takes over Blue Frog! Get ready for the trance-dance experience. Goa Gil is the big daddy of the trance movement, and one of the founding fathers of the genre of Psytrance. “Babaji’, as he is lovingly called, is known for his transcendental trance sets, and is a...

Musical Concert - GOA GIL Live on 14th Sept. @ F Bar

Goa Gil’s Trance Dance Experience in Mumbai


Goa Gil’s Trance Dance Experience in Mumbai: Goa Gil is very popular for the best tracks he scored. F-Bar Mumbai is going to organise the Trance Dance Experience for its guests on September 14. WHAT’S GREAT ABOUT GOA GIL: The long unwinding hair that’s let down speaks volumes of Goa...