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Organizing good Marathon

How To Impress Runners with a Marathon


Marathons unlike yesteryears, are not just about Running anymore.  The track and Running route do matter but there is much more to a Marathon than just this. Let’s speak about a few things which might help you impress Runners and organize a successful Marathon. Runners Kit: Believe it or not,...

Marathon Running

How to Start Running a Marathon in 8 Easy Steps


Always wondered how people ran continuously for hours without getting tired? Or did you just register for a Marathon with friends but aren’t sure how to prepare for it? Here’s a complete and quick guide to “How to Start Running a Marathon in 8 Easy Steps”. Let’s begin: Choosing the...


Landmark 30th year run of Pune International marathon


Three decades, and going strong at marathon India’s one of the most prominent marathons is round the corner. The Pune marathon will be held on December 06, 2015. The run would begin at Khandoji Baba Chowk, Sambhaji Pool, Pune. So register for the event that has been encouraging runners across...