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9 most popular events to attend


At the beginning of each new year, you may have planned you might like to try doing things a little differently, but you never had a chance. This year you can try to set aside a few days for certain things that you might have thought completing it in the...

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Upcoming events to attend this week in Bengaluru


You can always be around town and not know what you’re missing out on, and you also may be busy elsewhere with other engagements. However, if you are available during the week or if these events listed below make sense or come of any use to you, then you can...

Follow this guide to use viral ticketing for your next event

How to do viral ticketing for your event


Viral ticketing on Meraevents Promoting an event, and selling more tickets is something that every organizer wants to do for their events. However, this might result in inflated marketing costs. The concept of Viral Ticketing can come into play in such a situation. People who buy tickets from will...

The Great Indian Octoberfest 2014


Ein Prost! Zum Wohl (I Salute, To your good health): Kingfisher’s Octoberfest 2014 Hyderabad Edition is enticing many a beer guzzlers. The prestigious fun event is back in the City. So, get ready for the weekend bash. The 200-year-old, but young, festival has come to embed itself with the new...

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5 Kinds of Drunk People You’ll Find at Parties


As the Octoberfest is just a few days away and everyone is busy planning the weekend to get high on music and drinks, here are five kinds of drunk people you’ll find at parties. Source: From the one that baby-sits their drink to the overdrunk devadas, every party has a...

Intro to Filmmaking Workshop in Delhi


Intro to Filmmaking Two-Day Workshop in Delhi: Has the world of silver screen always alured you and, you wished that you could create such masterpieces on screen, if equipped with the right knowledge? Well then here is your opportunity as a two-day Intro to Filmmaking Workshop in Delhi is all set...

5 Technologies Every Event Organizer Should Know About

5 Technologies Every Event Organizer Should Know About


Organizing an event? Well here are 5 Technologies that you should know about to ensure you organize a successful event. Staying aware of the  trends is always a good way to know what event attendees may expect from you if you are planning to organize an Event. Organizing an Event happens well...