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Spiritual Billionaire Mindset Workshop


Be in the right mindset, you will make your money! Relax your mind and body. Everyone on the face of this planet wants to make money, attain a good impression and lead a happy, worry free life. Well, not everyone get what they want. But, if you slow down and...

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Upcoming events this weekend across India


Every weekend there are series of events happening across cities in India that people usually are on the lookout for given their time off from work. Events could be professional, training, workshops, sports, spiritual, campus, cooking, and many more for adults as well as kids. Here are a few events...

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Upcoming events in Mumbai this week


Make better plans for the week with this curated list of Mumbai events Stumped by the big question of what to do for the weekend? This is a quick list of Mumbai events. So sit back, relax, and take your pick from this list. Whether it’s parties, fitness, or professional...

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2 night party express!


Are you ready for the best weekend party in the Pune The best weekend party of Pune is here this weekend. After 8 Events is hosting the most happening party in the city and the party poppers around are heading to book their slots. DJ Monty and DJ Zeeshan would...

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Shake your leg at Dandiya nights this Navaratri


Navaratri is soon to come. This is one of the many festivals in India that is celebrated throughout the country. It is celebrated throughout the nation under different names. Variations are many, yet the purpose is one. This is the beauty in it. Devotion is what flows through the blood...


Experience the joy of running on a hill station


Mountain in the city marathon, a charity run for ‘Children Toy Foundation’ The joy of running in the rainy season is one every runner must experience. During this time, all the hard work of running in summer pays off. The Kharghar Hills, at Navi Mumbai with its fresh air, lush...

Swami Vivekananda Run at Powai, Mumbai on September 13, 2015

Tribute to Swami Vivekananda through youth run


Swami Vivekananda Run at Powai, Mumbai on September 13, 2015 All you Mumbaikars out there, are you ready for a family-friendly fun run on a Sunday morning? Here’s some good news for all our fitness freaks. The third edition of Swami Vivekananda run is back again. The run is not...