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Upcoming events in Chennai this week


People are always on the lookout for events that happen over the course of a weekend and sometimes miss out on the most important ones that take place during the week. Here are a few events happening this week in Chennai. Take a look. PMP Certification Training – Feb 2016...

Suresh S Babu, Business Executives, PMP Questions

Success makeover with Suresh Babu


Do you want to identify what’s working and what’s not? Do you want to identify your limitations and fears? Has finding your focus been a thing in mind that you’ve always wanted to? Do you have a vision and a mission that will help you reach your goal? If these...

Badshah Concert in Chennai

Punjabi Rap icon Badshah live in Chennai this October


#DJWaleyBabu aka #Badboyshah to perform live in Chennai this October For all the Rap fans from Chennai, here’s some good news. The popular rapper and Punjabi MC, Badshah, who produced hit numbers like Abhi Toh Party, Saturday, Saturday,  Proper Patola and DJ Waley Babu is coming to namma Chennai and...

Thermal Projekt EDM Duo in Chennai

EDM duoThermal Projekt to hit Chennai this September


The DJ Producer duo Thermal Projekt is bringing EDM and their unique Break and bounce style to Chennai this September. Shuvro Talukder and Anurag Sen, known to their fans as Thermal Projekt, the favorites of the Bangalore EDM scene are set to perform in namma Chennai. The event also features...

Global Badminton Tournament 2015

Never play badminton alone again


Global badminton tournament is back! Love badminton? Then jump and smash! The global badminton tournament is coming up soon. For most people, badminton is just a recreational game, a leisure time enjoyed with friends, whereas for some others, it is a very competitive sport. Which one are you? Well, it...

SOA50 Celebration weekend with W&W Show in Chennai

Sunburn on Air with W&W in Chennai


Sunburn presents SOA50 Celebration weekend with W&W Show in Chennai Sunburn is back! India’s premier online radio show “Sunburn on Air” hits 50. To celebrate its 50th episode, the one-of-its-kind Electronic Dance Music brand, Sunburn is bringing you the most uniquely-conceptualized and high-spirited Dance Music show with its signature stage...

SAIL 2014 - Save An Individuals Life 2014, Charity Events in Chennai, SAIL 2014 - Save An Individuals Life 2014 Tickets, Fundraiser Events in Chennai

SAIL 2014 – Save An Individuals Life 2014


SAIL 2014 – Save An Individual’s Life 2014: A Fundraiser for Heart Surgeries of Under-Privileged Kids: Life on earth comes as a blessing and it is sad to know that every year thousands of kids breath their last even before they have had a glimpse of the real world owing...

Indian Run 2014 in Chennai


Indian Run : A Thematic Walkathon in Chennai: “India” – the nation that lives by the example of “Unity in Diversity” and has been setting a strong example of how a nation can march in the path of progress irrespective of the differences in the population as long as they...

Swatantra 68 Freedom Concert 2014 | Mohit Chauhan Concert

Swatantra 68 Freedom Concert 2014


Swatantra 68 Freedom Concert 2014:  Celebrate the joy of freedom and liberation in the most memorable manner this Independence Day, by attending the Swatantra 68 Freedom Concert 2014, featuring Bollywood sensation Mohit Chauhan. Music is a drug that holds everyone captive and is an addiction no one ever complains about as...