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Upcoming events this weekend across India


Every weekend there are series of events happening across cities in India that people usually are on the lookout for given their time off from work. Events could be professional, training, workshops, sports, spiritual, campus, cooking, and many more for adults as well as kids. Here are a few events...

New Year in Bangalore

Upcoming events in Bengaluru this weekend


Make better plans for the weekend with this curated list for Bangalore Stumped by the big question of what to do for the weekend? This is a quick list of events happening in Bangalore so that you can sit back, relax, and take your pick from this list. Whether it’s parties,...

Networking Dinner with designers and cloud developers

Rub shoulders with designers, stay on cloud 9


Networking dinner with designers and cloud developers by Appedo and Amazon web services: Knowledge shared is knowledge gained. So hone your skills and proficiency in a subject by meeting your peers and discuss everything around the cloud over a scrumptious dinner. If this interests you, please read on, as we...

The art of cinematic storytelling- a scriptwriting workshop by national award-winning filmmaker Satyanshu Singh

Learn to become a great cinematic-storyteller


The art of cinematic storytelling-a script-writing workshop by national award-winning filmmaker Satyanshu Singh Storytelling for a cinema not only includes a great script, but also has a gripping screenplay, which has a spellbinding effect. A terrific visual storytelling with a power-packed script makes a great spectacle for the viewers. Dialogues, without any visual...