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IoT in Smart City


Creative ideas, challenges, and automations – Let’s Talk The next big thing is the Internet of things. What is it? It’s an automated technology that does stuff for you, usually that is done on your own. The technology industry is evolving with IoT and entrepreneurs and other people are coming...

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Upcoming Entrepreneurship events in India


Youtube fundamental workshop Date: February 21, 2016 Time: 9:30 am-5:30 pm Venue: Aditya Hometel, Ameerpet, Hyderabad This Youtube workshop is aimed at providing means to start your own channel and broadcast your created videos to the entire world or a selected geography. As part of the workshop, you will also...

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Lean startup workshop 2015


Bring your concept to life : Virtuality ==> Reality You may have an amazing idea running in the back of your mind and may require development physically. Your virtually developed concept of product in your mind is a mere showcase of what you want and how it needs to be....

International summit for women entrepreneurs

International Summit for Women Entrepreneurs


The Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs ( COWE ) began its journey back in 2004. It started with the mission to set up a women’s business association by helping women in all aspects to choose a line of work they like and becoming a business owner thereby shaping them into social,...

The August Fest - 2015

What makes the August Fest so special


India’s largest startup conference, The August Fest 2015 is all about celebrating arts and entrepreneurship together How would you describe entrepreneurs in one word? Bold, optimistic, creative, resilient, curious, hard working! Well, these are just a few words to mention their qualities and you will have more to add for...

UnPluggd Summer Edition 2015 (Bangalore)

Secret to success for startups, entrepreneurs


Unpluggd 2015 summer edition in Bangalore to be held on June 19, 20 with two roadshows for startups, entrepreneurs  Without taking a risk and without moving a step forward, it’s impossible to achieve a goal. Entrepreneurship needs a daring vision and lionhearted determination to establish an extraordinary company that would break...