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Best New Year Parties in Goa


Best New Year Parties that you shouldn’t miss in Goa Goa is best place to have new year celebrations with best buddies and family. It is every ones dream to celebrate new year here. So we have compiled a few of events that are going to be best this time...

Crosswind festival Mumbai

Mumbai’s very own EDM Festival: Crosswind


All of Mumbai will be there, where will you be? Mumbai represents! This is a festival dedicated to the spirit of Mumbai and is in support of various charities working for the nation. Crosswind is supported by International DJs, Indian artists and many clubs in the Mumbai circuit. The festival...

Anish Sood Hyderabad

Get ‘Superfly’ with Anish Sood at Hyderabad


Anish Sood to play live at Farm Music Festival, Hyderabad this November Anish Sood is definitely an artist to watch out for in India’s competitive techno and dance music scene. He is fresh off the success of his breezy new single ‘Superfly’ which took iTunes by storm peaking at #3....

Upcoming concerts in India


The go-to list for the best gigs happening all over India There is nothing to beat the live music experience. If you get your kick from heading out and supporting the scene, then we have the best concerts in your city right here. Get all the juicy info about your...

Astrix india tour, Summer stomp festival, psytrance, edm, Trance,Delhi

It’s time for the ‘Summerstomp’ with Astrix


The Psytrance wizard Astrix to perform live in Delhi for “The Summerstomp Festival” It has been an amazing year for Psy-trance lovers in India. We have had performances from the likes of Goa Gil, Fungus Funk and Hoppit in the past couple of months and now we have one of...

Skrillex diplo at Las Vegas XS night Club

5 tips to stay safe at music festivals


Gang violence and Stabbing at Jack U Labor Day gig The alarming lack of safety standards and crowd control wreaked havoc at two separate EDM events this week the Jack U Labor day gig at Vegas and the 17th annual Technoparade festival at Paris. A gang fight broke out at the Skrillex...

Thermal Projekt EDM Duo in Chennai

EDM duoThermal Projekt to hit Chennai this September


The DJ Producer duo Thermal Projekt is bringing EDM and their unique Break and bounce style to Chennai this September. Shuvro Talukder and Anurag Sen, known to their fans as Thermal Projekt, the favorites of the Bangalore EDM scene are set to perform in namma Chennai. The event also features...