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Simpolo Navratri Utsav 2015

Simpolo Navratri now being celebrated nationally !


Simpolo Navratri Utsav 2015 A traditional Gujarati and Rajasthani festival ” Simpolo Navratri ” used to be celebrated only in certain cities, but lately it’s become more of a national festival where almost everyone would participate. For the last two years, Simpolo has been organizing Navratri Utsav and has been...

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Dandiya Elegance 2014 @ Yash Lawns on 27th Sept


Dandiya Elegance 2014 @ Yash Lawns on 27th Sept: Dandiya and Garba events are being organized across the city and if you are yet to decide on an event, which would keep you hooked on the dance floor all through the event, then make sure you head to the Dandiya...