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Upcoming New Year Parties in Hyderabad 2018


New year parties in Hyderabad that you should not miss: The new year’s eve is just a few days away, and if you are in the city of pearls at this time of the year, here is a list of the best new year’s eve parties in Hyderabad that you...

New Year Party 2016 Hyderabad at VNR Grounds


Moonlight NYE 2016 at VNR grounds: Author: Adithi Get ready to ring in the new year at the beautiful moonlight party in Hyderabad. Make this New Year eve a memorable one by heading to a one of a kind bash!!! This new year, reverberate in the celebrations at your favorite...

New Year Party 2016 Hyderabad at Jayabheri Club


V Party 16 Poolside at Jayabheri Club: Poolside parties never go out of style, and if you are among those who fancy one too, here is the biggest pool side party in Hyderabad. If a unique new year bash that is different from the rest in the city is what...

New Year 2017

9 best new year packages


Each year everyone who attends new year parties come home with a lot of complaints and issues they faced while getting in and out of the venue, food and beverage issues, transportation, valet parking, and a lot more. There is still time to chalk out the issues and plan your...

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9 reasons why you should celebrate new year in Hyderabad


The approaching new year, will get people to start worrying about it sooner in order to plan the holiday, the new year’s eve or even celebrating it with distant friends and families living in different cities across India. Each city has it’s own charm and culture that blend into celebrations...

New Year Eve 2015 @ Celebrity Resorts

New Year Eve 2015 at Celebrity Resorts Hyderabad


New Year Eve 2015 at Celebrity Resorts Hyderabad Author : Kranthi New Year Eve 2015 @ Celebrity Resorts Hyderabad is the best new year party at a resort in Hyderabad if you have not yet chosen the party to head to this new year’s eve.  Featuring Anchor Homali Sisters as...

New year Bash 2015 @ Pragathi Resorts in Hyderabad

New Year Bash 2015 at Pragathi Resorts in Hyderabad


New Year Bash 2015 at Pragathi Resorts in Hyderabad Author : Preeti B During the cosy winter evenings, join one of the hottest parties in Hyderabad at Pragathi Resorts. Join this party so that you don’t have any regrets further in life. 31st December 2014 Party 31st December 2014 PartyBangalore...