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Valentines day, February 14

Valentine’s day events in Hyderabad


Fall in love all over again, this Valentine’s Day! Your valentine’s day last year or on the year before that may not have been something that you can talk about or be cherishing it to this day for various reasons. Heading over to the bar or club near your house...

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Upcoming film, theatre and Art events across India


You may be professionally sound, creative at work but if you ever thought that your character inside you never came out or you were unable to face a crowd, or maybe you just wanted to experience something different from all those weekend events or regular movie night. Here are a...

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Coding Hackathon for students & professionals


Hexploiter 2016 – Ethical hacking workshop Coding and hacking go hand in hand. However, this isn’t the hacking workshop that’s running in your head where you would hack into someone’s computer, rob a bank or an organization where you obtain confidential information illegally. This workshop is where you would use...

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Pearls of Wisdom


Get the Art of living inside you! Everyone is occupied with work, family, and materialistic affairs that surrounds most of us. For a few people, their lives are only based on what they earn the entire day. With a life running like a machine, it also does not function as...

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Upcoming events in Chennai this week


People are always on the lookout for events that happen over the course of a weekend and sometimes miss out on the most important ones that take place during the week. Here are a few events happening this week in Chennai. Take a look. PMP Certification Training – Feb 2016...

big data, hadoop training

Big Data and Hadoop developer training


Learn to code in this 12 day webinar training for Hadoop The usage of  < { [ & % / ? > and other special characters like these to code and develop into something that becomes readable and of great usage, turning into a feature a non coder would imagine,...

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Upcoming events this weekend across India


Every weekend there are series of events happening across cities in India that people usually are on the lookout for given their time off from work. Events could be professional, training, workshops, sports, spiritual, campus, cooking, and many more for adults as well as kids. Here are a few events...

Upcoming new year events in Delhi


Best new year events in Delhi Each year there is a list of places that host the best new year parties country wide. These parties put the best known DJ’s to work and make your night a wonderful experience to remember and cherish. Since you maybe looking for events to...