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Sunrise Festival


Longest beach party in Pondicherry! Been to a beach party earlier? Who hasn’t! Everyone loves a beach party, especially during summer where you barbecue, play volley ball, and maybe swim a bit while the daylight lasts. For some who can rent the beach side cottage, it can be like a...

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IoT in Smart City


Creative ideas, challenges, and automations – Let’s Talk The next big thing is the Internet of things. What is it? It’s an automated technology that does stuff for you, usually that is done on your own. The technology industry is evolving with IoT and entrepreneurs and other people are coming...

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Talk to your body, Heal your disease


Have blood pressure, diabetes or similar? Attend this event, those maybe psychological Ever wondered why some people fall sick on and on and keep complaining that their sickness might be hereditary or it just happens at this time to of the year, eventually convincing you of their sick body or weak...

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9 most popular events to attend


At the beginning of each new year, you may have planned you might like to try doing things a little differently, but you never had a chance. This year you can try to set aside a few days for certain things that you might have thought completing it in the...

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SAFe Agilist (SA) Training and Certification Bangalore


Project managers and product managers have always had an experience where they were asked for a certification, whether agile or scrum is a different debate, having or not is another. This lot of people usually have experience with working on projects for a few years on hand already and only...

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Colours of India


The Dance culture of India – A first of its Kind!  This is the first time that entire India is actually coming together within India. Mostly these kind of events are witnessed by Indians overseas whenever a cultural event is organized by the Indian embassy or at certain Indian schools....

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Upcoming Entrepreneurship events in India


Youtube fundamental workshop Date: February 21, 2016 Time: 9:30 am-5:30 pm Venue: Aditya Hometel, Ameerpet, Hyderabad This Youtube workshop is aimed at providing means to start your own channel and broadcast your created videos to the entire world or a selected geography. As part of the workshop, you will also...

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Leadership workshop with Shiv Khera


Do things differently, with leadership qualities   Leading a team or a company with the right skill set is mandatory for success. It has a lot to do more with vision and the right motivation to become the leader. A leader will have the right vision imbibed in the minds...

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9 reasons to book your event tickets online


You may be a good buyer who does not like going thru hassles like being unable to afford expensive ticketed events, get discounts, pick your own seats, or just not being able to book, having technical issues. Well, your ticket buying experience is about to get more rewarding. Here is...