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Holi Events in Bengaluru


Every year, you celebrate Holi and many other festivals. Why not make your Holi this time a more memorable affair leaving you fully entertained with colours, music, dance, bhang and family. A list of Holi events have been lined up, you can choose to celebrate where and how you want...

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Holi in Mumbai : Holi bash at 5 flavors hotel


Color your highness with fun, this Holi  Everyone enjoys Holi and people organize a party of their own, just the way they like it to be. For years, it is one festival that brings back disconnected families allowing them to reconcile their differences and throw colors on one another, thereby...

Holi, holi events, Mumbai holi

Holi in Mumbai: Holi Fest 2016


Holi-fun, filled with action, dance and color! Holi is the time when people meet and greet, have fun for one reason that they don’t get to see each other for days or months at a stretch. So, everyone looks forward to the fun and it’s not like they will have...

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A Project manager’s workshop & its certification


SAFe Agilist [SA] workshop and certification A project or product manager’s job sure looks promising and exciting, but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy task and can be done just about with anyone on hand. Anyone who has managerial skills can manage people but not project or products. There has...

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Film Making workshop for High school students


Everyone watches movies, even the kids. Many of you, mostly high school students, get inspired by celebrities acting in those movies and start building up thoughts of becoming a celeb once they grow up and become all famous just like them. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds and...

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Spiritual Billionaire Mindset Workshop


Be in the right mindset, you will make your money! Relax your mind and body. Everyone on the face of this planet wants to make money, attain a good impression and lead a happy, worry free life. Well, not everyone get what they want. But, if you slow down and...

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HR professionals to attend this summit


Mumbai HR Summit 2016 Tired of all the crazy hiring policies that drive people away from you? It is quite possible you may have just started your career and abiding by rules is not easy while keeping people happy. Time will make you take that straight forward talk to your...

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Festival of colors with music in Mumbai


United Colors  Festivals and ceremonies, these days have a difference in celebration when compared to the days back in the 90’s. Festivals had more of a personal and private connection with each individual and the celebration used to be within closed doors mostly. With the change in generation, there is...