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International Job Fair 2016


There are a lot of aspiring individuals who are on the lookout for a job, unfortunately not everyone goes to work. A lot of them get out to look for a job that suits them career wise. You might be an engineer, a doctor, an IT professional, managerial staff, bank...

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Upcoming events in Pune this week


Make better plans for the week with this curated list for Pune Stumped by the big question of what to do for the week? This is a quick list of events happening in Pune so that you can sit back, relax, and take your pick from this list. Whether it’s parties,...

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Learn to dance by performer Shakti Mohan!


Nritya Shakti Tour 2016 This is a huge dance event. The only reason you are here is because either you are a dancer yourself or love to dance. Shakti Mohan is the winner of Dance India Dance (DID) season 2 and has built a cult following for her graceful, skilled...

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Get trained, appear for interviews at ease!


Public Speaking and interview @Thane Speaking is one skill that requires confidence and is done in different forms like interviews, delivering speeches, and also goes up to the extent of  asking a girl out on a date. Those who have confidence and have no fear in appearing for interviews and...

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Digital India Retail presents ReTechCon 


Retail technology conclave [ReTechCon] 2016 Technology has advanced. It’s natural for everything around us too to progress. The conclave is for the retail industry and how the changes will affect businesses and consumers on the technology level. The digitization is dramatically changing how a retail business functions. There is a...

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Dance and Music event for 3 nights in a row


Farhan Akhtar, Nucleya, Abish Mathew, Thaikkudam bridge and More You are still in college, there are concerts and musical shows that you can’t be a part of because it’s too expensive or just not available. Typically a concert ticket would have a student discount, but not all of them could...

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Holi in Mumbai: Holi parties you can attend


Holi Invasion with DJ Chetas Date : March 24, 2016 Time : 10:00 am to 6:00 pm Venue : JVPD grounds, Devle road, Mumbai Come and celebrate Holi with the best rated DJs of India and some colossal celebs of Box cricket league. Holi invasion is expected to host about...

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Holi in Pune: Rang 2016 with Nucleya


Celebrate Holi with DJ Nucleya  It’s that time of the year again when we all get together to celebrate highness with colors. Holi, is back with a dance spirit this time giving more reasons for everyone to stick around and dance away to the tunes by the lined up DJs...

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Holi in Delhi: Lawman Holi Reloaded 2016


Holi is just around the corner, people are gearing up and making plans on how to celebrate, where to go and what to do. There are a ton of plans going around between people and every year can’t be the same old celebration done at home or with family members...