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Upcoming events to attend this week in Bengaluru


You can always be around town and not know what you’re missing out on, and you also may be busy elsewhere with other engagements. However, if you are available during the week or if these events listed below make sense or come of any use to you, then you can...

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9 weird new year customs from around the world


The new year 2016 is just 35 days away and everyone is busy gearing up to ring in the new year in the most amazing manner. While most of us would be planning to attend a new year’s eve party and celebrate the new beginning, did you know that across...

Amaravati Marathon

Run for capital: Amaravati Marathon


Amaravati Marathon to be annual event: A clean and pollution free city is essential for sustainable development and what better way to spread this message than getting the citizens to run a marathon that will fuel the mission to build a healthy city. The Amaravathi Marathon, an annual event, is...

New Year's Eve Party

9 New Year’s Eve: expectations vs reality


The new year’s eve is just a few days away and the same story of expectation vs reality that strikes people year after year is going to repeat itself as people spend a huge amount of time in planning the most perfect way to spend a new year’s eve. However,...

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9 hacks to pick the best new year party


New year 2016 is almost here and people are going gaga over picking the best party in town, and if you wish to have a memorable new year’s eve celebration too, here are a few hacks that you could use it to pick the best new year party  in your...

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Upcoming events in Mumbai this week


Make better plans for the week with this curated list of Mumbai events Stumped by the big question of what to do for the weekend? This is a quick list of Mumbai events. So sit back, relax, and take your pick from this list. Whether it’s parties, fitness, or professional...


LYLF Night marathon 2015


Run for a Cause At dusk, in the narrow streets and alleys of Chennai, filled with never-ending rows of spectators on both sides of the road and an absolute pandemonium, what could be a better marathon course than this? If this interests you here is your chance to be part...