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Bono born again, U2 resurrected from the ashes


Apologies about not covering his most touching performance yet this late in the game, but here it is- Five days before our intrepid frontman turned 55, he went on to give one of the most inspiring performances of his long musical career, albeit, without his traditional lead guitar solo. Last...

The easy Event Management Checklist


The Basics Let’s say you’ve decided to host an impromptu get-together, for a large company with your colleagues and employees and maybe your employers too. Your client is probably either a big shot or a member of the HR team, and they’ve realized that this might be just what the...

The Corporate Happy hour!


Hosting a corporate retreat takes a lot of effort and time, to say the least of all the hassles of the set up, all the way down to the food. While fun and games have shown positive effects on performance and team communication, you can’t get your team off the...

Ankit Tiwari

For the love of Tiwari


  Dil Darbadar, Jhatak Ke Nacho; Aag Ka Dariya, Sheeshe Ka Samundar Boond Boond, Bheegh Loon; Falsafa Mera Falsafa, Kaisa Hai Dard Mera, Tu Hai Ke Nahin Tu Jo Hai, Aalif Se, Sunn Raha Hai, Saheb Bada Hatila!     Okay, so, she is your absolute dreamgirl, sweet and innocent....