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Hyderabad - The Heart of Badminton in India

Hyderabad – The Heart of Badminton in India


Hyderabad is a famous city when it comes to the top cities in India. And the reason for this isn’t just one – Hyderabadi pearls, Karachi biscuits, biryani, Nawabi style of living and many more including Sports. Hyderabad has given the Country many talented Badminton players excelling the game internationally....

Adventure Activities in India



India is a marvelous Country. A 225-million-year old Country spread 6000 kilometres across hemispheres and Changing climate regimes has blessed our Country with a landscape of perplexing diversity including lofty peaks in the north, vast deserts and salt pans in the north-west, over 5000 kilometres of coastline with mangroves and...

Football – A Sport close to India’s Heart


Nagendra Prasad Sarbahdhikri is a name India will never forget. He is the reason India still has football close to heart. Football though was introduced in India by the British soldiers who played it during the British era in the Country. However, Nagendra Prasad Sarbahdhikri who was a teenager then,...

Hyderabad Workshops

6 Out of the Box Workshops in Hyderabad


Workshop-  If you search for a definition; it is stated as a meeting at which a group of people engage in intensive discussion and activity on a subject or project. From Professional to technical, we see all kinds of workshops being organized in and around the city nowadays. This erupted...

Organizing good Marathon

How To Impress Runners with a Marathon


Marathons unlike yesteryears, are not just about Running anymore.  The track and Running route do matter but there is much more to a Marathon than just this. Let’s speak about a few things which might help you impress Runners and organize a successful Marathon. Runners Kit: Believe it or not,...

Marathon Running

How to Start Running a Marathon in 8 Easy Steps


Always wondered how people ran continuously for hours without getting tired? Or did you just register for a Marathon with friends but aren’t sure how to prepare for it? Here’s a complete and quick guide to “How to Start Running a Marathon in 8 Easy Steps”. Let’s begin: Choosing the...