The Key of Wellness & Healing to Unlock Mental Peace & Kick Stress Out


Discover the key to Unlock Mental peace & Kick Stress out

Tired of Running each day to work and from work? Feel that your life is too stressed, and you are unable to get time for yourself and thus your health mentally and physically is getting effected?Heard of Wellness and healing?

Let us guide you through what it is. We sometimes feel that we are fed up of our lives or there is an understandable restlessness within us. We many a times blame ourselves and our lives for being so pathetic. This is where wellness & healing play the role of a saviour. Wellness and healing are an alternate therapy which bring a deep sense of calmness and relaxation in one’s body and mind spirit. This helps you rejuvenate while improving your overall health because it comes from within unlike treatment which is an external intervention. Meditation and Reiki are a few prime examples.

Sounds like you found what you were searching for, since long? We list a few unique wellnesses & healing events around the Capital in the upcoming months.

  1. The Journey 3-day Intensive Seminar with Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri

Being hosted by a speaker who healed a football sized tumour through cellular healing. This event is perfect for any person who is suffering from an ongoing disease and is feeling depressed because the thought of ‘life is over’, ‘why me’ surround you every minute. Professionals undergoing stress & depression due to various reasons can also undertake this seminar.

The 3-day journey will help you get rid of negative or suppressed emotions to reset your cells for healing and awakening thus resulting in a more positive you, accelerated spiritual realisations and developments. Along with this you will notice a radical change in your self esteem level, reduction in anger and much more.

Interested in enrolling for this event? Visit today.

  1. Music Therapy

It has been clinically proven that music helps improve physical and mental health. Music therapy is an expressive therapy which focusses on using music to cure emotional development, motor skills, communication, sensory etc. Love the idea already, don’t you?

You too should enrol for an interactive music therapy in the Capital wherein you can spend time playing various new instruments or exploring the possibilities of music therapy.

Enrol for the Therapy at

  1. Art therapy

Remember the movie ‘Nise: The Heart of Madness’ wherein a psychiatrist rejects other aggressive therapies to treat patients and encourages her patients to create art? That was a true story, by the way. No! we aren’t promoting the movie here but the technique. If you have noticed or have ever been inclined towards Art, we are sure you agree that it was too relaxing.

That’s exactly what this Art therapy by reboot wellness intends to do. Most artists express themselves through their art and this in the past has been of great benefit to various people. You must enrol for this event as it will help you in exploring and expressing your emotions, managing any addictions, and getting rid of any emotional challenged like depression, panic and anxiety.

Let Art be your medium of expression here. Join now at

  1. Aspire Camp

Thanks to the changing times and technology; our kids are now tech kids. From video to mobile game apps, Mobile chatting apps to social media – the lives of kids nowadays revolve around the electronic world rather than the real world. Because of this; they find electronic media as a comfort zone when it comes to dealing with bullying, emotional stress and other issues. Its time to change this!

The Aspire Camp in Gurugram is a great way to understanding your child’s behaviour and the reason behind it.

Feel the need for it? Visit to change yours and your child’s life.

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