How To Impress Runners with a Marathon

Organizing good Marathon
Organizing good Marathon

Tips to Impress Runners with a Marathon

Marathons unlike yesteryears, are not just about Running anymore.  The track and Running route do matter but there is much more to a Marathon than just this. Let’s speak about a few things which might help you impress Runners and organize a successful Marathon.

  1. Runners Kit: Believe it or not, a Runners kit is one of the major product that plays a great role in creating a negative or positive event perception in the mind of participants. What you include or give along with your Runner kit really matters including the Runners T-shirt. A lose fit and a badly quality or non-dryfit T-shirt will not be appreciated by any Runner – amateur or professional.

Tip: Include an information booklet in the Runners kit. This helps Runners get a crisp idea about the Run and run related information. The information Booklet should mention schedule, Run route, BIB placement, emergency contact numbers and more. You can also give your sponsors an extra mileage by printing their logos in the booklet.

  1. Timing Chip: Since Marathons are timed events, it is important to pay attention to the quality of timing chip you provide. You can score at this one by partnering with a reputed company which can provide Runners timing online within a few days from the Event.

Tip: Most timing companies also provide an electronic Certificate which can be downloaded by the Runner using his/her bib number.

  1. BIBs: As we spoke of Timing Chip, it is also important to pay attention to the Runner’s Bib especially to the Bib number. Introduce a different series of Bib number for each category. In addition to this, impress the Runner by printing their names on the allocated BIB numbers.
  2. Timings are like Fevicol: No matter what, adhere to timings. Start the Run on time as mentioned in the information booklet. Since most Marathons include Runs of various distances make sure there is ample gap in the start off between each Run category, In case of same route.
  3. Flag off: It does matter. Add a celebrity factor here. Call an actor, a politician or anyone popular among the masses to flag off the Run. Include what’s out of the box. You can also have an aerial flag off. For instance; Hyderabad 10K Run 2017 saw an aerial flag off wherein a gymnast performer an aerial act & holding the flag while being tied on a helium balloon.
  4. Activities on Run Day: Ignoring this one is a big NO. While Runners focus on Running, they are also keen on being a part of pre and post Run activities. Any professional Runner will love to have a pre-Run as well as a post Run warm up. Along with the Run; include different physical workouts like Zumba, Dancing, yoga and more.
  5. Food: Food matters! Post the Run it is important to provide a post Run breakfast to the patrons. Energy drinks, water, fruits and a refreshment box should be a part of the breakfast. Refrain from offering buffet breakfast if you are planning a huge marathon which will have 1000+ participants.
  6. Cleanliness: No we are not promoting swachh Bharat officially, but no one likes to Run or be part of activities in a littered ambience. The venue is meant to be littered and dirty once the breakfast is served. Hence, make sure you have ample garbage bins placed around the venue.
  7. Announcement: Do not leave the Runners puzzled. Make sure the Emcee or a representative announces – What’s Next? Participants should be aware about how prizes will be distributed or how they can check their timings etc.
  8. Medical Facility: When its running, a twisted ankle or any major injury might occur. It’s important to facilitate and provide ambulance with an experienced Medical team to take care of sports related injury. A healthcare partner, maybe?

Alas! Marketing. Market the event in the right manner and we are sure the Marathon will go great.

Still not sure how to go about? Write to us and we shall take care of it all.

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