The Top 5 Running Events to Attend in Hyderabad

Top Running Events in Hyderabad
Top Running Events in Hyderabad

What’s your reason to Run this Season?

Summers are here, so is the season for Running Events. Hyderabad has recently joined the list of organizing the best Running events and Marathons in the Country.  It might come as a surprise to many, but the city is one of the few in the Country which has been hosting The Hyderabad 10K Run from past 15 years, with each year witnessing an evident increase in the number of participants.

No matter what the reason might be, Hyderabadis have always registered for sporting/ Running events with full zeal and excitement. This year too, Hyderabad is uniting to fight and spread awareness message to eradicate the social evils from our society and Running for various causes.

Here’s a list of :

  1. Hyderabad World 5K Run – 2018
Run for women Safety and thank Womanhood

                                                          Lets Salute the Spirit of  Womanhood

When: Sunday ,27th May 2018

Where: People’s Plaza, Hyderabad

Why: All women in our lives have in a way or the other sacrificed by choice for us. They have struggled and contributed in various ways to keep us happy and bring us to the position we are in today. Its time to thank them and salute the spirit of womanhood.

To further honour them, its important to make them feel as safe like they made us feel. Let’s Run to spread the word about woman security so much so that no woman in not just the city but Country needs a man by her side to walk on the road. So, register for the city’s largest 5K Run platform exclusively dedicated to support Women in each and every sphere of life.

How: Want to register for the Event and prove that it does matter to you? Visit

  1. Compassionate Run
Run for kids and parents

                                                                 A Run for ‘ The Art of Giving’

When: Sunday, 15th July 2018

Where: Gachibowli Stadium, Hyderabad

 Why:  This is a unique Run. We have always Run to spread awareness about a certain social issue or against a social evil, but this isn’t one of them. This Run aims to teach kids the ‘Art of Giving’. While most Runs are for kids or Parents, this one lets you and your children, aged between 6-18 years, run together for 4K or 10K. Along with this; you will be able to donate items like books, clothes and toys for children who wish they had these items. Isn’t it awesome?

How: You too can be a part of this unique Run for a Cause Event. To register, visit


  1. Peko Run India
Peko Run for Health

                                                      Take the Step towards a better you

When: Sunday, 24th June 2018

Where: Hyderabad

 Why: Open for all persons aged between 10 and 60; the Peko Run India is a 5K and 10K long Pan India Running event which is being held for various causes. One of the major causes is – Making India healthy. In today’s hustle bustle while we are busy chasing life, we are somewhere running away from a healthy lifestyle and well-being. An event like this one is a major saviour here. Peko Run India lets us unite and Run towards a healthier life.

While we run to chase health, the Run also helps children from financially poor background chase their dreams of being a future sportsperson. All proceeds from the Run are used to train these children.

How: Feel for this Cause? Register today at

  1. 5K Run to Fight Malaria – 3rd Edition @ People’s Plaza
Run for Malaria

                                                          Lets Run together to fight Malaria

When: Sunday, 24th Jun 2018

Where: Hyderabad

Why: You probably know about this one. 5K Run to Fight Malaria is being held on World Malaria Day at the most scenic place in the city – People plaza on necklace Road. What gets this event to one of the must attend events in the city list is the cause it is being held for. Unlike most events, this one is being held to collect amount for donating mosquito bed nets to the poor. Being organized on a Sunday; the event is also one of the most attended Running events in Hyderabad.

How: Wish to Register and join the city for the Run? Visit

Marathon for Kids

A Marathon for the Tiny Feet

When: Sunday 3rd June 2018

Where: Gandipet, Hyderabad


Why: The Summer Vacations have begun, and kids are affirmative to glue to tv and other gadgets. Thanks to the tech savvy generation. Kids Marathon 2k Run is a must attend for every kid to help them stay fit, away from gadgets and also stay healthy. Its time to kick old habits and give your kids a great way to look at life. In addition to this being a ‘kids only’ Run; the event is a great way to let your kids interact with other kids of their age group while they develop some sportsmanship. And you never know, they might just begin a new hobby for the next summer break too.


How: Don’t think too much, enrol your kid right away at

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