7 Summer Camps & Activities for your kids in Hyderabad

Summer Camp ideas for kids
Summer Camp ideas for kids

   7 types of Summer Camps & Activities for your Kids in Hyderabad

Kids Summer vacations starting soon? We understand that while you kids are excited and looking forward to enjoying their summer vacation, you; being a working parent are worried about leaving them alone at home while you work in the office or being a home maker, you are concerned about how to make their summer break productive rather than letting them become couch potatoes. The answer to your worry is – Summer Camps, Activities.

Fortunately, now a days various summer camps and activities are held to let your kids have a gala time while they learn to live a practical life with various age specific activities; designed by professionals. Lucky generation, we must say!

The benefits of summer camp are plenty, from life lessons beyond the classroom and the value of playtime to appreciating nature and building confidence and leadership skills. For most of us, summer camps are time for children to play and have fun whereas for others, it’s an opportunity for kids to hone their studies or learn new skills — or even different subjects.

Confused about which one suits your little one’s personality? We list the summer camps which are most preferred by parents for their kids. And these are:

  1. Day Activities: Wouldn’t it be fun if your little ones go out for various activities including dance, yoga, craft, phonics, ice cream making, storytelling, pottery and more? Get them enrol for a daily day activity which lets them stay away from home for a few hours. This way they adhere to the school routine and get to spend time with you at home in the later hours of the day.
  2. Outdoor Camp: Sounds super fun doesn’t it? It reminds us of Kuch Kuch hota hai where SRK’s daughter went for a summer camp away from home. This one is more suitable for kids aged 8 and above as this kind of camp helps develop self-reliance, independence, courage, spirit of Adventure. Activities like tent pitching, trenching, star gazing, sport climbing, river crossing, raft building, treasure hunt and more help kids understand the significance of team building.
  3. Personality Building Camps: It is often said that the fruit of a tree are results of the way it was nurtured as a plant. This stands true in case of our kids too. To make them better humans tomorrow, nurturing them the correct way now is mandatory. Wondering how? Enroll them for a Summer camp that focuses on building their overall personality with activities like improving Communication skills, public speaking, understanding family values, Attire & grooming, table manners, time manners, confidence building etc. What’s even better is these camps also help you focus on health with physical activities and yoga.
  4. Educational Camps: Does your child love studying and is curious to learn about technology, subjects, literature etc? Encourage them in their favorite field and get them enrolled in one such camp. You can choose from young developer camps, robotics camps, science experiment camps etc. You can also enroll them to learn a new language.
  5. Creative Camps: Do you have a little Picasso or a mini version Shakespeare at home? Don’t enrol them for an activity which is nearby, rather search for a creative writing, story writing, film making, art and craft, painting technique camp as they are sure to love it. After all its something they love. Hence; chances of losing interest in these kind of camps is almost Null.
  6. Farm Visits: There is a big difference in knowing about a certain profession, animal or any field theoretically and practically. Let your young one understands and interact with animals, people from different professions etc during a specific planned visit. Take them or enrol them for a summer camp which offers farm visits.
  7. Sports Centric Camps: have a future Tendulkar or Michael Jordan in the house? Or do you feel that your little Saina Nehwal would love to play sports than any other summer camp? Various summer batches are being organized in the city during the season to let your kids train in their favorite sport.

Curious to know how to enrol and which Summer camp to enrol your kids into? We at MeraEvents bring to you the best summer camps in the city, selected and listed by our experienced team of organizers. Hurry! Visit https://www.meraevents.com/activities today and get your child enrolled right away. Trust us, they will thank you for it.

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