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Moment we talk about Yoga; the very first face that comes to our mind is Baba Ramdev performing his legendary Anulom Vilom Pranayam. But let us tell you that it wasn’t the origin of yoga. Yoga has existed as early as 1900BC. Stemed from the rig veda ; Yoga has been talked about various times especially when it comes to the benefits of this ancient form of exercise. In India; even though yoga has been in practiced since long and many people have also adhered to yoga for getting rid of several diseases, it recently gained popularity in the western culture so much so that there are now different versions of yoga including power yoga, hot yoga, hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga and more.

In addition to taking up yoga for health benefits, people around the world are joining yoga for fun too. The new trend being – Beer yoga wherein you can sip beer while performing the various yoga assanas /poses.

While yoga and its emerging trends are gaining popularity all over, lets peek into a few benefits that this ‘form of exercise’ offers.

  1. Fight Obesity: Yes, we know this is the most cliché one but yes yoga helps control weight if practiced regularly. Most Yoga assanas involve twisting the body, forward and backward bends, inversions and other assanas which help in opening the otherwise rusted muscles and thereby facilitate weight loss. This also results in a better flexibility of the body. Most people who practice yoga have noticed a drastic change in their metabolism rate.
  2. Mental Calmness: As yoga involves controlling one’s breath while performing the assanas and let you literally feel the breath; yoga is known to help you feel calmer while attaining mental peace. This in return helps you stay happier, more active and focused. 3 in one benefits? Isn’t that awesome?
  3. Better posture & Balance: Since yoga is all about aasanas, most yoga practisers have felt a noticeable change in their posture. Also, since most yoga aasanas involve balancing; long term practising helps in better body balance.
  4. Spine friendly: With various yoga aasanas and a better & improved posture the spine is going to love it. Yoga has been reported to have helped cure various spine issues too when practised properly.
  5. Women Health: While yoga is known to help women suffering from PCOS , it is also beneficial for women undergoing menopause as it helps with the psychological symptoms of menopause, such as depression, anxiety, and insomnia.
  6. Goodbye Anti-Ageing Creams: As yoga helps in managing stress and increasing blood flow while letting you feel happier, the activity itself helps you get rid of ageing symptoms. As yoga is performed in garden and open spaces, it lets you breathe fresher air thus also helping in a healthier you. When you breath healthy, you tend to stay healthy.

We are sure, after reading the above benefits and various other benefits of yoga which your peers or colleagues have mentioned to you earlier, you too are excited to join a yoga class near you. Not sure which one to attend? https://www.meraevents.com/spiritual brings to you the best yoga classes in your city.

So, choose a yoga class which suits you the best and open door to great health & mind.

Ankita Bhardwaj

A Journalism(H) graduate from KNC, Delhi University; Ankita loves to pen down her thoughts in form of blogs, Articles and quotes. She is an avid traveler who believes that "Life is Car, Steer it Properly and Safely."

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