How to Manage a Great Tech Conference?

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A great tech conference in India

Key to Organizing a Great Tech Conference

Making a regular tech conference a great tech conference isn’t difficult. Wondering what we are trying to say? Read on to find.

Conferences are the backbone of the tech events industry and help in overall improvement of one’s skills both interpersonal and intrapersonal. Most companies want their employees to be a part of such events and thus tech conferences are one of the highly preferred and attended events nowadays.

Agree with us? Planning to organize your first tech conference and don’t want it to anything less than great? Well, then this is your ultimate guide to managing a great tech Conference. Let’s begin.

  1. Purpose of the Conference: You cannot jump into sea without knowing the purpose of it. It’s the similar case with a conference. You need to be aware and clear about the purpose of the conference. Ask yourself – is it for networking? Is it for product launch? Is it for awareness? Is it to provide a platform for international relationships? etc. Once you have the answer, go ahead with the below.
  2. Target Audience/Delegates: While purpose of the conference and target audience go hand in hand; target audience is one of the major factors which shall determine how to go ahead with the conference. After all, a conference without delegates isn’t possible. Delegates make the conference livelier by interacting and indulging in panel discussion.
  3. Date and Time: This we are sure, you have taken care of already. However, a weekend conference will attract more audience. In case of a weekday conference; organize an evening event such that professionals can attend the conference conveniently.
  4. Venue & Stage Setup: Finding a suitable venue that too on the date you have chosen should be on the top of the bucket list. You need to find a venue near the delegates keeping in mind their ease of traveling. Experts say that the venue can be in the centre of the city to let more people attend the conference without worrying about traveling. We agree.

As per the stage setup is concerned, proper arrangement should be kept in mind as per conference type. In case of a panel discussion, one may keep seats for all speakers while in case of lecture; one requires a podium for the speaker to stand and speak.

  • Equipment: Equipment decides the future of an event. Arrange Mics, Speakers, LED screens, Projectors, pen drives, and more, as required. Testing these in advance especially just before the event begins is a must to avoid any technical glitch at the last moment.
  1. Speakers: Choosing the right speaker/s is a crucial part of the conference. Identify what kind of speaker you want for your event e.g. a celebrity, a top scientist, a motivational speaker etc. It’s important to narrow down the right kind of speaker for your conference before you begin your search. No clue how to find one? Simple – Browse the web to find the best in field speaker.
  2. Sponsors: Sponsors are backbone of an event. Plan your expenses closely and carefully such that you don’t end up shedding from your pockets. Contact prospect sponsors well in advance for better management. Make sure you adhere to the deliverables.
  3. Branding Material: Take care of promotional and branding material including banners, backdrop, pamphlets and others. These are important for sponsors in addition to Conference promotion, as these also help in getting a better mileage. Don’t forget to promote your Conference on the Social Media.
  4. Photographers: Your Conference will be a reference for your future events and it will also help you get sponsors next time. Hence, it is mandatory to keep a proper record of the same. Hire an experienced photographer to cover the event well.

In addition to the above, what matters the most is ticketing your event right. The sale of tickets/ passes of the Conference should begin well in advance. This in a way prepares you by giving you an idea about the total crowd attending the Conference.

Also remember that such Conferences will have several walk-in registrations thus, you must setup a Registration Desk at the venue to handle the walk-in delegates.

Feel that all this is too much to handle and need an experienced team? Worry no more, we at MeraEvents is a professional team of experts who can help you with the overall event.

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