The Guide to Organizing a Perfect Trekking Trip

Organizing a Trekking Trip but not sure how to make it perfect? This article gives you a complete guide to organize that “perfect” first trekking trip. Lets first glimpse into the kind of people who love organized trekking.

Organized treks are for people who don’t have time to make their own arrangements or are unsure about how to plan and what itinerary to follow. This is the reason, we see a hike in the number of trekkers in the past few years. Our daily hectic schedule is also a reason behind a sudden increase in the number of trekkers as a short break in the serenity of mother nature, away from the city is never a bad idea.

Now, lets proceed towards the planning and implementation plan.

Just like everywhere else, the 5W1H plays a great role here too.

  • What: This one is the beginning. It is important for you to decide if the trip you are organizing will be only a trekking trip or will it involve other activities as well.
  • When: The time/day matters the most. For instance; A weekend trekking trip will have more number of trekkers than that on a weekday. Also, if the trekking trip is during vacation months, the number of enthusiast trekkers of all age group shall be huge.
  • Who: Your target audience. Period.
  • Where: we don’t need to really explain this one. You of course, cannot simply select a random location and call it a trekking trip. Location plays the prime role when organizing the trip. You also need to decide the trekking type. Will it be a difficult trek route for experienced trekkers or an easy one for the beginners?
  • Why: This will be a walk on the cake once you are sure about – who your audience shall be. This can be determined according to their interests and is a combination of al the 4Ws.
  • How: Most trekking locations are far from the city and need transport or various modes of transport to reach. You need to plan end to end such that the trekker faces no challenge in reaching the location as a glitch in this one is sure to close doors for the future.

Once the above is determined, proceed to take care of a few more points. Which are:

  • Milestones: You need to be accurate about the distance of trekking route. This helps a prospect trekker decide if s/he can be a part of it or not.
  • Itinerary: Understand and plan the itinerary carefully. Any prospect customer will first have a thorough look at the itinerary and then decide if this is ‘his/her kind of trip’ or not. The itinerary cannot be random. It must be elaborate and above all “Interesting” enough.
  • Security: A must, must, must! When we emphasise three times, its not because we want to sound melodramatic like a daily sop opera but because we want you to understand how critical this is. Leave no stone unturned to check security especially if the trip involves other activities for which security equipment is required. These should be checked well before hand and should be checked repeatedly from time to time.
  • Activities: As most trekking trips are not just a single day trekking trips, they also involve various activities like rafting, Rock climbing etc. For evening entertainment, bonfire, live music or any such relaxing event is needed. And this must be planned and implemented by you.
  • Facilities: From washrooms to drinking water to plates, sleeping bags to tents, all need to be arranged by you. Take immense care in ensuring that the facilities being provided, are clean and tidy. These facilities matter a lot when it comes to giving a positive feedback or having a great experience. The best way to understand is empathizing or keeping yourself in the customer’s place. This remind us- lightening. Trekkers aren’t werewolves that moonlight will be enough. So, please arrange for it. You can also go ahead with mashaal lights as they help keep away wild animals and create an amazing ambience.
  • Food: Since trekking camps are situated in outskirts of the city or near forests, it is hard to find online delivery partners or restaurants nearby. Arrange for it well in advance.
  • Expert team: This should have been on top of the list, but we wanted you to focus on other things before we come to this. Trekking isn’t kids play and hence you need an expert and experienced team to handle the trekkers. Trekking in big batches isn’t always possible. Thus; here are few more tips on setting it right:
  • Segregate the trekkers into various small groups. This will ensure that each trekker is paid special attention. For this, you need one group leader.
  • The experienced group leader guides the group while educating them about the ambience around.
  • To deal with any injury amidst the trekking route, facilitate the group leader with a medical box. (the same should be arranged at the camp site)

DIGITAL MARKETING- A must be used tool

Once you are prepared with all facilities and things to be taken care of list; shift towards Marketing. Not many people will know about you/your organization as this is your first trekking trip. Thus; market it right. How?

  • Don’t use just traditional means for promotion. Spread the word using Apps like Twitter, Watsapp and even Instagram for that matter
  • Create a Facebook page and boost it such that its visible to more people.
  • Get an appealing event poster made. Post it on all adventurous groups.

Tip: Post on related group pages with members from across the Country and other countries too rather than just nearby location. Wondering why? Trekkers are adventurous people and don’t mind traveling the globe when it comes to a great trekking route.

  • For better sales and reachability, you can choose a reputed online ticketing company to list your event on and let take care of your event. Websites like and not just list your event on their portal but also promote amongst various prospect customers. But that’s not it. They also can create a white label App for you wherein all trekkers, prospect trekkers can interact with each other. Wondering what it does?

This white label app will act a single platform for interaction. Any person having an query regarding the Event will be able to ask their doubts to other people using the chat facility on the App including you; as an organizer, group leaders, other trekkers.

The App is of great advantage, also because it lets trekkers network with each other, before coming to the venue. This way; common interests can be discussed and a better experience will surely follow.

In addition to this, being an organizer, you can also fill details and other information about the Event.

Imagine yourself as a customer who is seeking a good trekking event and finds one event which is offering a white label app with so many and many more features. Isn’t it an instant impression?

Now that you have the ultimate guide to making your first trekking experience a perfect one, its time to begin the preparation. Have any doubts? Write them down in the comments section quickly.

Ankita Bhardwaj

A Journalism(H) graduate from KNC, Delhi University; Ankita loves to pen down her thoughts in form of blogs, Articles and quotes. She is an avid traveler who believes that "Life is Car, Steer it Properly and Safely."

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