A Complete Guide to Cycling it Right

Cycle trail
Cycle trails

The Essential guide to Cycling it Right

Our daily schedule, health and cycling are inter-related. Wondering how?

Thanks to the hectic daily life which is leading to a rise in unhealthy lifestyle and obesity. This Is exactly why more and more number of people have now started enrolling for various cycling events. We aren’t saying that the reason behind this is health & wellbeing. The activity is also a great way to burst your stress. Imagine pedalling in trails filled with mountains, valleys and topography spell bounding enough to skip a heartbeat. No matter what your reason maybe, taking up cycling as a hobby is one of the most thrilling ways to peep up your life from the daily hustle bustle.

Impressed already and want to take this up too? Here’s your complete guide to cycling.Let’s begin with:

Different types of Cycles

Did you too think that all cycles are same? Or did you also force your parents to buy you the same geared cycle which Aamir Khan pedalled in the final cycling race in Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikander but still don’t know how it was different from the regular Atlas or BSA cycle your cousin had? Then read ahead to know more about this:

  1. Road Cycles: Suitable for pavement; these Cycles are good for fitness riding, commuting, long-distance/event rides, touring and racing. The handlebars of these Cycles are usually lightweight drop-bar that curve downward to let you pedal in an aerodynamic position while the seats are played at a higher level. Being light weight; these Cycles are great choice for pedalling at a higher speed. These include Endurance Cycles, cyclocross Cycles, racing Cycles, and touring Cycles respectively.
  2. Mountain Cycles: Mountain Cycles, as the name suggests, are apt for bumpy and rocky trails as they are designed with shock-absorbing features and better braking systems to handle dirt trails. When compared to road Cycles; Mountain Cycles feature lower gears to handle steeper terrain efficiently. These include trail Cycles, Cross- Country Cycles, fat Cycles, All mountain Cycles, downhill/ Park mountain Cycles.
  3. Hybrid Cycles: These Cycles are a mashup of mountain, road, touring cycle designs and features to create the efficient and comfortable which can be used for various purposes.
  4. Speciality Cycles: These cycles are the ultimate cycles with cruiser cycles, cargo, electric and folding cycles following in this category.

All set to buy the cycle that suits you the best? Don’t hurry, wait! Wait until we tell you about the 6 cycling road trips in the Country to add to your bucket list. Wondering why? Because the trails for these trips vary from easy to difficult and you can thus select the cycle according to the trail/route.

Let’s get started category wise


Easy Cycling Routes

  1. East Coast Road – Chennai to Pondicherry: Renowned for its clear roads with scintillating view of beaches and undulating lush green roads, makes it an irresistible 2-day long ride to take.
  2. Kochi to Backwater: Imagine riding along the coast of Kochi early morning with the cool breeze flowing on your face drying the sweat off. As you enjoy the sight of unevenly spread backwaters accompanying you all the way like your cycling buddy. What’s even more appealing is Cycling through small fishermen villages and thickly spread coconut trees to reach one serene end of the backwaters. Hasn’t your heart swayed away for this 5 day long cycling route already?

Moderate Cycling Routes

  1. Rameshwaram: Considered as one of the best cycling routes in the Country because of its blue water, this 5-day long trail is mesmerising enough to let you wonder if you pedalled away from the city or Country.
  2. Somnath to Diu: Close your eyes and let someone else read the description of this route for you. Now imagine yourself cycling amidst the cash crop farms covered by coconuts trees, while the sound of the waves and the breath-taking view of seamless water as you pedal on the route. Can’t wait to add this to your bucket list, isn’t it?

Expert Cycling Routes

  1. Leh to Khardungla: Love the idea of biking through the wilderness and adore the beauty of nature? Being the world’s highest motorable road, this 39.5 km long route which takes 2 days to complete, is also one of the hardest cyclin trail in the Country while being the most picturesque.
  2. Old Silk Route – Kalimpong to Zuluk: This 6-day long route is one of the most difficult terrains to pedal on. At the same time, it offers a different view from each curve especially in winters when it is covered in snow. There is also a rumour that the terrain is so difficult that the constructors gave up on completing the road.

DOs and DONTs while Cycling

Now that you are aware of the different cycles and the type of route you wish to pedal on, remember that safety comes first and there are a few Do’s and Don’ts while cycling. Curious to know what? Keep reading further to know:

  1. Carry the Necessary: Since most routes, irrespective of their difficulty mode, are located away from the city, you wouldn’t want to get in trouble in case of a tyre puncture or other unexpected situations. Thus, carry the necessary – tyre levers, a spare tube and patch kit, a pump and/or Co2 canisters and inflator, and a multi-tool.
  2. Cash and food: Carry enough food and water along with you. Most small restaurants or tea stalls and shops located on your route might not be tech savvy enough to accept credit/ debit cards. Hence, carrying cash along is important.
  3. Make yourself visible: You cannot be sure about the time you will be riding for. Make sure to wear bright clothes for the motorists to identify you from a distance. You can also wear a visible headlight for night riding such that you are visible from at least 500 ft. To safeguard your vehicle from the rear view; install a reflector on the cycle.
  4. Don’t ride without a helmet: Over confidence on road doesn’t help. Wear your safety gear properly including helmet, knee pads, elbow pads etc.
  5. No headphones please: Ditch the headphones please.

We hope you will follow all traffic rules and the Do’s and Don’ts while cycling. But there is a last step to be followed before you do this all. Visit Meraevents.com today and find a great cycling event or trip to join & go Ting Ting!!

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