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Swimming- Learn How to Transform into a Mermaid


By mentioning on how to transform into a mermaid, we don’t mean to tell that you will get a half fish like body, but how to swim in water easily and smoothly like a mermaid. Think its impossible, remember impossible itself means I M possible. Lame and cliché isn’t it?...

Cycle trail

A Complete Guide to Cycling it Right


Our daily schedule, health and cycling are inter-related. Wondering how? Thanks to the hectic daily life which is leading to a rise in unhealthy lifestyle and obesity. This Is exactly why more and more number of people have now started enrolling for various cycling events. We aren’t saying that the...

Unveil Health with Yoga


Moment we talk about Yoga; the very first face that comes to our mind is Baba Ramdev performing his legendary Anulom Vilom Pranayam. But let us tell you that it wasn’t the origin of yoga. Yoga has existed as early as 1900BC. Stemed from the rig veda ; Yoga has...

The Guide to Organizing a Perfect Trekking Trip


Organizing a Trekking Trip but not sure how to make it perfect? This article gives you a complete guide to organize that “perfect” first trekking trip. Lets first glimpse into the kind of people who love organized trekking. Organized treks are for people who don’t have time to make their...

How to Manage a Great Tech Conference?


Making a regular tech conference a great tech conference isn’t difficult. Wondering what we are trying to say? Read on to find. Conferences are the backbone of the tech events industry and help in overall improvement of one’s skills both interpersonal and intrapersonal. Most companies want their employees to be...

How to Organize a successful Marathon


Planning to Organize a Marathon but clueless about how to proceed with it? We can understand. Organizing a Marathon isn’t a child’s play. Yet, it isn’t any rocket science. All you need is clarity, enough time in hand and a few mantras to organize a successful Marathon. Here are a...