Why Mumbai Loves Marathons

Mumbaikars love events. This is evident with the number and various kinds of parties and events organized in the City throughout the year including Concerts, Live Comedy shows and sporting events.

Interestingly; in the recent years, Mumbai has taken over all other metro cities as the new hub for Marathons/ Running Events. The city of Bollywood has been organizing almost twice the number of sporting events in comparison to the other parts of the Country. Wonder why?

Well, lets explore the reasons behind – Why Mumbai loves Marathons:

  • Crowd: With a mixed population of more than 1.7 crore, the city is a ‘Go Grabber’ for any Marathon organizer.
  • Fitness Mantra: While Mumbai believes in living a fast paced life which involves dodging traffic, catching the local trains, rushing to work and Running back home throughout the week; weekends in the city are mostly reserved for fitness activities. It has been noticed that the people in the city are really health conscious and much more acute to health and fitness than in other cities. In fact; the upbringing of Mumbaikars is in such that staying fit is a part of their daily regime. And this makes Marathons; a perfect choice for them.
  • Let’s Socialise: Since, Marathons unlike yesteryears are not just about Running anymore, the event also acts as a platform for like-minded Mumbaikars to interact and socialise with each other. This lets people get a break from their daily work load while combining social events with leisure events.
  • Diversified but United: One quality that Mumbai possess is standing together against the wrong. With a mix of Mumbaikars and Non Mumbaikars, the city is home to people from all spheres of life. Yet, the city doesn’t discriminate socially or economically and stays as a close-knit society. Be it 26/11 or any social cause, Mumbai has raised its voice and stood united to fight the odds. As most Marathons are ‘Run for cause’ events and held to let people fight the social evils of our Country; the city takes up Marathons with great spirit
  • Geographical location: Most Running events/ marathons in the city are held at Queen’s Necklace area or marine drive – which when viewed at night from an elevated point anywhere along the drive, the street lights resemble a string of pearls in a necklace. Lined with palm trees and situated adjacent to the Arabian sea; this area is a bliss for Marathon organizers. What’s more? With a running route located besides Gateway of India getting a beautiful sight of the 20th Century arch monument is certain And Imagine the cool breeze flowing while you Run. Mama Mia! It’s a true saviour while running.

With so many and many more reasons; we can conclude by saying that Running half and full Marathons are not a child’s play unless you are a Mumbaikar as they are people with high spirits who take life is a challenge yet enjoy the essence of life with their ‘Happy go lucky’ attitude.

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Get up, get fitter and Run for a tomorrow to make it better!

Ankita Bhardwaj

A Journalism(H) graduate from KNC, Delhi University; Ankita loves to pen down her thoughts in form of blogs, Articles and quotes. She is an avid traveler who believes that "Life is Car, Steer it Properly and Safely."

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