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Organizing good Marathon

How To Impress Runners with a Marathon


Marathons unlike yesteryears, are not just about Running anymore.  The track and Running route do matter but there is much more to a Marathon than just this. Let’s speak about a few things which might help you impress Runners and organize a successful Marathon. Runners Kit: Believe it or not,...

Marathon Running

How to Start Running a Marathon in 8 Easy Steps


Always wondered how people ran continuously for hours without getting tired? Or did you just register for a Marathon with friends but aren’t sure how to prepare for it? Here’s a complete and quick guide to “How to Start Running a Marathon in 8 Easy Steps”. Let’s begin: Choosing the...

Six Common Mistakes to avoid

6 Common Mistakes to Avoid at a Conference


I recently attended at Conference in Mumbai and the sole purpose of it was to understand the challenges one faces as an organizer and how easily or with struggle they are overcome. My writing isn’t about the conference but about what all I realized as my third window of the...

Top Running Events in Hyderabad

The Top 5 Running Events to Attend in Hyderabad


Summers are here, so is the season for Running Events. Hyderabad has recently joined the list of organizing the best Running events and Marathons in the Country.  It might come as a surprise to many, but the city is one of the few in the Country which has been hosting...

Swimming- Learn How to Transform into a Mermaid


By mentioning on how to transform into a mermaid, we don’t mean to tell that you will get a half fish like body, but how to swim in water easily and smoothly like a mermaid. Think its impossible, remember impossible itself means I M possible. Lame and cliché isn’t it?...

Cycle trail

A Complete Guide to Cycling it Right


Our daily schedule, health and cycling are inter-related. Wondering how? Thanks to the hectic daily life which is leading to a rise in unhealthy lifestyle and obesity. This Is exactly why more and more number of people have now started enrolling for various cycling events. We aren’t saying that the...

Unveil Health with Yoga


Moment we talk about Yoga; the very first face that comes to our mind is Baba Ramdev performing his legendary Anulom Vilom Pranayam. But let us tell you that it wasn’t the origin of yoga. Yoga has existed as early as 1900BC. Stemed from the rig veda ; Yoga has...