10 reasons to consider MeraEvents for your next gig

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With so many event ticketing platforms available in the market, there has to be a definite reason for you to consider MeraEvents.com. Listed below are the top 10 reasons for you to choose MeraEvents for your upcoming events:

Reason #1: Take complete control of your event
MeraEvents is the leading Do-It-Yourself (DIY) platform for organisers to host and sell their events online. This means, in less than 5 minutes you can have your event live on the web and start selling your tickets. We believe in giving you, the complete control to post event details including the creatives, ticket information, event description, etc. with an option to update the information anytime at a click of few buttons. This also means that you are not dependent on someone else to edit and own your event details.

Reason #2: Zero paper work and minimum documentation
In line with today’s digital world, we have proudly moved to a completely paper-less process. This means that the entire event listing process is online and we don’t need you to prepare any paperwork and ship them to us. We also assume that you would have already taken enough pain to finalise the venue, seek government permissions and pay your taxes and that’s the reason we don’t bother you to submit the proofs. End of it, the onus rests on you (as an organiser) to ensure local & regulatory compliances. 

Reason #3: Our technology is built for event organisers
Being a DIY platform, we have built the right set of tech features which will make you more efficient in the way you manage and promote your event. While integrating ticket widget to your website can streamline your ticketing process, you can enhance your customer experience through discount codes, multiple payment gateways and EMI option. At the same time, our viral ticketing, affiliate marketing and offline promoter module can help you use your connects to promote your event in a structured manner.

Reason #4: Being exclusive is your prerogative
While our aim is to seek a long term partnership, we don’t enforce you to be exclusive with us to sell your tickets. We appreciate the fact that each of our competitors brings some unique capabilities and you should not be restricted by us. We are happy to co-exist till the time you see the value in what we do and asks us to get into an exclusive partnership. Even our technology proudly supports this co-existence.

Reason #5: Why pay the same charge for your own efforts
We understand that each organiser brings its own captive audience (family, friends, past customers) to an event and it wont be fair on our part to charge you for these tickets sold on our platform. This is where we bring a concept of differential pricing whereby you pay only a nominal charge of 3.99%+ST for the sales you bring to our platform. Infact, you also have a choice to pass a portion of all this cost to your end customer and not loose your share of revenue.

Reason #6: We will promote your event to our database
MeraEvents has managed ticketing and box office for some of the large entertainment events in India including Supersonic Goa, Sensation, Skrillex, Sunburn among others. Till date, MeraEvents had successfully hosted 30,000+ events. We will be glad to push your event to our captive audience through our weekly newsletters and social media posts. In case your event matches the interest of our online visitors, it will be made visible to them using our automated recommendation engine. We charge a commission of 10%+ST for tickets sold through our efforts.

Reason #7: We will have your event listed on our partner sites
In an effort to bring larger value to you, we have tied up with some of the largest B2C companies in India who will help promote and sell your event to their humungous database. Our technology has taken care of this integration and you don’t have to do any additional effort to push your event to these websites. To keep your life simple, the combined sales data will be available for you in your MeraEvents’ dashboard. As highlighted earlier, we charge a commission of 10%+ST for tickets sold through our partners’ efforts.

Reason #8: We don’t believe in hiding your customer details from you
Our ideology says that the customer who purchased tickets for your event is your loyal customer and we have no right to hide their details from you. All your customer data is available for you to download at any point from your MeraEvents’ dashboard. We also take confidentiality seriously and we don’t use your customer database to promote other events unless the customer has subscribed to our newsletter and given us the authority to do so. To sum it, your customer database is your property and it remains safe with us. 

Reason #9: We provide technology to consolidate your ticket sales
We know how difficult it becomes to consolidate the sales data from different sources and use it on the day of the event. We have assumed that you would have sold tickets through multiple ticketing platforms, offline agents, counter sales, complimentary pass distribution among others. This is why we have built a future for you where you can upload your offline, other platform and cash sales data to have a single database of your ticket sales. You can then use it on the day of the event to manage check-ins.

Reason #10: We can assist you with your event’s check-in process
Now that your show is sold out and you are all excited to give the best event experience, we help you manage your event check-in process. We have our special technology (EasyTag) built exclusively for this purpose. The customer data can be seamlessly transferred to the EasyTag app which can then be used to manage the check-in process. In case you are too busy to handle the process or short of volunteers, we can arrange our resources to do the job for you. The technology and manpower, however comes at an additional cost.

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