JNM Qualifier Half Marathon

JNM Qualifier Half Marathon

It’s time to train for the qualifiers:

All the runners from Mumbai and across India, this is your time to file your returns. Return kindness with gestures of kindness and charity. The JNM Qualifier half Marathon is all about raising funds to help those farmers in Maharashtra who have been hit by drought. This is also the qualifier run for the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2017. So, train hard and strong, for, this is the train that can get you to the next level of running.

The categories of participation include 6km, 10km, and 21 km and these distance criteria are further subdivided into amateur and athlete category. The age categories for participation are below 35 / 35 and 50 +. So, according to your pace, stamina and practice, pick your category and get ready to run. The JNM qualifier Half Marathon is the qualifier race for the mega run of India, The Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon that has been conducted for the past 12 years.

The regular entry registrations for the JNM Qualifier Half Marathon will be out soon and the organisers have decided to roll out bulk booking options to those early participants to get them an early bird price for registrations.

So, put on your running shoes and challenge your limits. Begin your practice today, for, you won’t be able to run a marathon at the first go. While at it, don’t forget to get rehydrate and get all the necessary supplies for running. Train hard and let your participation fund the NAAM an initiative by Nana Patekar and Makarand Anaspure.

Register now on MeraEvents to avail the bulk discount on the JNM Qualifier Half Marathon.

Train hard, train safe.

Vimal Mohan

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