International Job Fair 2016

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There are a lot of aspiring individuals who are on the lookout for a job, unfortunately not everyone goes to work. A lot of them get out to look for a job that suits them career wise. You might be an engineer, a doctor, an IT professional, managerial staff, bank employee, a sales rep, a marketing manager or rep, a labor or could belong to any other profession. Once upon a time, when jobs were scarce or when recession was on, people could easily complain about the unavailability of jobs.

Things are changing and jobs are becoming available for those who deserve. Cracking a job interview isn’t hard, it just requires confidence and know the job you’re applying for suits your background and prior experience. So far, you might have only applied to jobs within the city you reside or maybe in the neighboring cities too. This time, there is a big opportunity coming your way. Manpower is not just required in India, but overseas too and in good number across countries.

So, a job fair is coming up with international recruitment agencies participating from countries like USA, Canada, Europe, UK, and Australia. All you have to do is enroll yourself by paying the non-refundable admission fee to the job fair and see which country you land in. Obviously, there is no visa processing involved, and would need to be done on your own, but guidance would be given. What would be the best profession you could apply for and be confident enough to score the job. Possibly, you could say later, that it all just happened in a flash.

Check out the dates, bring out your suits, put on your best behavior and that friendly smile everyone likes, keep your attitudes aside and be confident for your interview. If you’re good, you’ll fly just like that! The job fair is being held in Mumbai, Delhi, Surat, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Kerala, Hyderabad and Pune. Suit yourself to the one near you! Register now, these tickets might not last long.

Syed Hussaini

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