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Nritya Shakti Tour 2016

This is a huge dance event. The only reason you are here is because either you are a dancer yourself or love to dance. Shakti Mohan is the winner of Dance India Dance (DID) season 2 and has built a cult following for her graceful, skilled performances. The moves she’s got will get you interested in dance to a level where you might try and get enrolled into the next series of DID just the way she did.

Dance events are not held frequently and one of this kind, certainly not too often. Nritya Shakti, the dance initiative of Shakti Mohan that won the DID series, brings the joy of dance to enthusiasts. Nritya Shakti is aimed at sharing the passion, expertise and experience to aspiring dancers and enthusiasts globally.

They believe that educating, and training can be an experience of a lifetime for different communities and individuals. Each dancer gets inspired by the performance and may stand a chance to enter DID soon. This one gonna put on a show, so join in. Put on your dancing shoes and bring out the Shakti in you and dance along, while she pulls those slick moves. Since she’s become the talk of the town, she will not only perform in Hyderabad, but also in many cities in the US.

The workshop is scheduled for May 28-29, 2016 and the venue will be announced soon. The event is scheduled for two days in Hyderabad. Before arriving here, Shakti is scheduled for a series of performances across various cities in the US. To get trained by the best, hurry up and book your passes today before they run out.

Syed Hussaini

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