Rick Astley makes a comeback! This is not a Rickroll

Rick Astley new song


80’s icon, internet meme, is going to ‘Keep Singing’

Cue millions of Redditors falling off their chairs, this is not a drill. I repeat this is not a drill! I know anyone familiar with the internet phenomenon will think twice before clicking on the video.

That is the legacy of the infamous “RickRoll”, a prank that lives on and is part of today’s internet culture. Rick Astley made people suspicious and paranoid about clicking innocent looking blue links.  Like the Dayumn Daniels and other viral vines of today, Rick Astley’s 1987 hit “Never Gonna Give You Up”  became immensely popular as a classic ‘bait and switch’ where an exciting link or description such as ‘Batman kills superman in new Marvel teaser’ would trick the user into viewing the ubiquitous  single.

Rick Astley new song

The prank is so much popular that it has its very own wiki page. The prank reached the peak of its popularity in 2007-08 and led to Astley being invited to perform a ‘Rickroll’ at the Macy’s  Thanksgiving Day parade, check it out here. The prank also holds the honour of being retweeted by the Whitehouse on twitter. Check out a list of the most epic RickRolls of all time here.

Rick Astley new single


Enough of history, the singer is back after a hiatus of close to 23 years and the song genuinely amazing with Astley’s great timbre of voice meaningful lyrics. I agree that everyone was going into this with low expectations, but it is surprisingly good. A word of advice from our friends at Reddit who are backing the song as their new anthem, listen to the track at ‘1.25x’ and it’s a pretty good banger that is begging to be remixed with a bit of EDM magic.

Rick Astley looks surprisingly sharp for a man of 50 and looks ‘Robin Thickeish’ in this video with his sharply tailored suit. The song has hit more than a million views on Youtube in less than a week of its release, and twitter is going gaga over the new single. Goes to show that the internet can do miracles for you and it’s ‘never gonna let you down’ Rick Astley!

P.S if someone does end up making this a club banger it’s a pretty safe bet for making a million bucks.

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