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PATSAV Kids summer camp 2016

Every kid loves summer camps and wait to be a part of one each year. Kids have different passions and to allow them to pursue them is like giving them the entire world filled with happiness. Summer camp is one such event where kids learn while they play and have fun. Every kid is unique and they have their own ways of having fun.

Summer camp is one event where all kids like to be by themselves and play with the other kids around. Kids love music, the instruments, cameras and love to understand how they work. And so, this year PATSAV Kids summer camp 2016 is being organized by Panache academy of technology, sound and visual arts. At the summer camp, kids will be able to learn the basics of photography and how to capture the best of moments, learning to play different musical instruments, learn to mix music and become a DJ for the upcoming party or the next year’s summer camp.

if not any of these, get them to learn the music itself with the basics of audio, composition and music theory apart from midi and digital theory called the electronic music production. This is an opportunity that does not come by every now and then and must be availed. There are kids that are born talented and learn certain things quicker than anyone else. Unlike the times when kids usually find out about events like these after they’re over, your kids must be lucky to have known about this happening now.

There are 3 sessions per week with two hours for every session divided in 2 batches. Batch 1 is scheduled for Monday, Wednesday and Friday and batch 2 is scheduled for Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The camp is scheduled to begin from April 9, 2016 and will end on April 30, 2016 in Hyderabad at Abids and Banjara Hills location of PATSAV. Tickets are available for purchase now. Get them before they run out.

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