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Public Speaking and interview @Thane

Speaking is one skill that requires confidence and is done in different forms like interviews, delivering speeches, and also goes up to the extent of  asking a girl out on a date. Those who have confidence and have no fear in appearing for interviews and giving speeches will anyways have no problems going on a date. There are many aspects that are involved in developing the art of speaking. Some of them are presentation skills, body language, building confidence, creating a resume with social media, facing interviews, and a lot more.

You might be aware of every weakness that you have and these might be some of them that require nurturing. Generally, a lot of people have issues dealing with interviews and how to crack them and so, getting a job becomes a distant dream. Here at this workshop, every such individual requiring personality development is carefully trained to focus on the weak areas.  Participants are taught how to face interviews, how to create a resume using the social media, what kind of body language to have, and how to present yourself for an interview after you have the rest of the things in place. The one-day workshop is all set to bring you on track, provided you cooperate as required and not hide your weaknesses.

The public speaking and interview workshop is scheduled for May 7, 2016 from 9 am to 6 pm in Thane, Maharashtra and the venue will be announced soon. Each participant will be covered for lunch, snacks, and tea. Participants coming in late will not be allowed, so get there on time. Get your tickets while they are cheaper and the early bird lasts.

Syed Hussaini

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