Crack that interview and get over your stage fear!

Workshop on Public speaking and interviews

Have you ever felt that familiar sense of dread, when your palms are sweaty, your stomach is in knots, and you just want to get off stage? The crippling fear of the public speaking is a serious impediment in your career prospects. It’s one of the key aspects of leadership, and it is crucial to any top management position. If you feel that this fear is holding you back, then this is your chance to overcome your niggling fears. Whether you suffer from a slight aversion or paralyzing fear, this session will help you overcome it.

This comprehensive workshop will cover aspects from presentation skills, body language, interview skills and all your social interactions. The workshop will employ different methodologies: group discussions, role-play, activities, and speaking sessions, to help you get over your fear. The workshop employs a range of these experiential learning methods, and time honed leadership strategies to help you become a more persuasive and fearless public speaker.

The session will be taught by master life coach and conversationalist Vaibhav Datar. His insightful sessions have helped businessmen and professionals get over their fear of public speaking, and harness their potential. Vaibhav sessions draw inspiration from renowned international life coaches Tony Robbins and Brian Tracy. He is  armed with MBA and Engineering degrees, certified as Master Spirit Life Coach, as hypnotist and graphologist and is and adept corporate trainer.

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