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Jagjit Singh

A night of golden Ghazals ‘Shaam-e-Jagjit’


Don’t miss this tribute to the immortal Ghazals of Jagjit Singh It is impossible to fill the void that Jagjit Singh left had behind in the world of Ghazals. His soulful voice, his beautiful lyrics, and the range of his powerful voice, have enthralled generations of Ghazal fans across the...

Crack that interview and get over your stage fear!


Workshop on Public speaking and interviews Have you ever felt that familiar sense of dread, when your palms are sweaty, your stomach is in knots, and you just want to get off stage? The crippling fear of the public speaking is a serious impediment in your career prospects. It’s one...

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Get trained, appear for interviews at ease!


Public Speaking and interview @Thane Speaking is one skill that requires confidence and is done in different forms like interviews, delivering speeches, and also goes up to the extent of  asking a girl out on a date. Those who have confidence and have no fear in appearing for interviews and...


Personality Development @Mumbai @11-12 May


It’s time to up your confidence Personality is a word that can be defined using different categories of adjectives and that’s what it’s all about. Personality is very important, especially when you are working with people who come from different walks of life. It’s very important to maintain that balance...