Plan a magical weekend at Funtazia Carnival

Funtazia Carnival at Ramoji Film City

This summer Ramoji is the place to be. There is an entire package of fun activities that will get you high on life. The magic of cinema with the whimsy of the carnival, Funtazia is your ticket to wonderland. Ramoji is one of the top holiday destinations in Hyderabad and is the perfect family getaway. It’s a special treat to catch a view of the illuminated mini city in all its splendour. There are a number of packages on offer from a one day trip to a three day mini vacation, take your pick and make a trip to wonderland.

Be prepared to be transported to a world of fun. Daredevil stunt shows, larger than life sets, magic shows and a lot more. Ramoji is known for it’s spectacular live shows and Funtazia is no less, There will be a range of live entertainment including the Spirit of Ramoji Show, Live Camera Action Show, Dadajinn Live TV show,Carnival Parade, and a splendid tour of Ramoji Film City by Night.

The special attraction for the evening will be the grand magic show of the legendary PC Sorcar. the show will have a mix of mystery, modern techniques, surreal sequences and music. Introduce your kids to the world of magic and let them lose themselves in a world where their imagination can run wild. Take a trip miles away from the humdrum monotony to a land where elephants disappear, people are cut in half, beautiful women levitate and anything seems possible.

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